Workshop with Effie Coe - Swiss Cottage Gallery 2014

Three pieces of public art are being installed in Camden at the new community facilities at Kings Cross. An exhibition of these commissions is currently on at the Swiss Cottage Gallery until 10 July.

Mark Titchner is one of the commissioned artists.  He has taken the Camden  heraldic motto  Non Sibi Sed Toti - 'Not for self but for all' and made a lightbox installation that is placed on the top south-eastern corner of 5 Pancras Square read more

The text in art workshop enabled local people to explore the theme of text in art. Mark Titchner has reinterpreted a motto using modern materials .....and the workshop group looked at other artists who also use text to make artwork.....

text art intervention in the library  
the workshop group then set about making interventions in the library 


.......I focused in on the numbering system and the way the digits
had been typed .....some numerical references are short ....others are long with several digits and a decimal point.......

I selected a few and typed them using central justification and did a couple of copies and hit upon the idea of covering a spine with a whole column of numbers:

then I copied out the numbers onto acetate and projected them onto the walls ...

this has given me ideas for future work ....and although I have been working with found text I have not considered working with numbers

click here to see the found text work 
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